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Deep Mind


Deep Mind is the new Yahoo forum for the discussion of accelerated meditation using NLP, trance work and other change work technologies. Deep Mind home page can be accessed from

The Meditation Tutor

The Meditation Clock (see below) has been superceded by the Meditation Tutor. The original Clock has been retained as there remain links to it from several freeware sites, but the Meditation Tutor contains all the original functionality of the Meditation Clock, while allowing the user to download new sessions for use with the tutor.

The Meditation Clock

The Meditation Clock is a little freeware application I have put together as a meditation timer to time sessions with a little style :-)

The clock uses a recording of a tibetan bell to announce the start and finish times of each session. It can be set to provide one, two or three stage meditations, with or without vocal coaching. It remembers the duration of meditation sessions between uses.

The Meditation Clock has been tested on a number of PC's and operating systems but must be viewed as a beta version. It is offered as freeware, and we accept no liability for any problems that may arise from it's use. Please report any bugs to